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Established in 1908, Wattlespring Sport Shooting Club boasts an array of activities for all age groups, including Clay Pigeon Shooting, Air Rifle Ranges and Archery.

Our brand-new air rifle range boasts a 17-stand air rifle range up to 75 metres, which caters for all forms of disciplines.

A .22 and 9mm range will be added to the activity basket of the outdoor shooting range in the near foreseeable future.

All shooting ranges are monitored by a range officer to ensure compliance and safety of participants and spectators at all times with strict access control to any of the shooting facilities.

Come try your hand at our new outdoor archery range. We cater for beginners and also for more experienced archers. Lessons and rental of equipment are available as well as tuition to assist you in becoming a bull’s eye champion.

This activity is great for a fun day out and a spot of friendly competition. Correct technique is a pre-requisite to success for this sport, therefore our on-site coaches are available to assist you in perfecting your skills.

Once you have learnt the basics we offer various league events at the club and for those more professional archers we host local and national events.

Clay pigeon shooting is like catching a ball. You don’t put your hand to where the ball is, but where the ball is going to be. In the same way, you shoot to position your lead shot in the path of the flying target.

Shooting involves two basic skills, hand-eye coordination and being able to correctly read and understand each target. Lead shot leaves your gun barrel in a cigar-shaped cloud.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

Air Rifle Shooting